Why DI Need SIP Trunking?

First, understand the concept of SIP trunking to know the usage and benefits. It is a communication method for the small and big companies through which all the communications are done via internet connection rather using regular land lines. All the calls are diverted through internet applications instead of the telephone of traditional times.

Key features

  • Cost effective – Without changing the existing telephone instruments you can switch over SIP trunking, which saves money.
  • SIP (session initiation protocol) is reliable – The offer from this method helps in increasing the reliability of the telephone services.
  • Easy in scalability- the complete methodology gives stress-free scalability of your business
  • Broadens your working limit- SIP enables to extend the services of your VoIP beyond the limit of the organisation’s firewall except for an addition of gateway from IP-PSTN.
  • Effective on services of long distance – Comparatively with normal phone calls the SIP trunk connectivity is less expensive on services of long distance.

Moreover, the setup of SIP system facilitates the owner of the organisation to control the entire working of the company from one single server room. With the connectivity of the internet yields the working staff to work from their desired location if unable to attend the office because SIP switch over the calls to the individual’s mobile, which can be answered from anywhere without regular charges. The owner can monitor all the activities because entire calls of the company are routed through one telephonic system.

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About D. Scott

I'm D. Scott, corporate communications expert, providing info about VOIP solutions, SIP trunking and Hosted IPBX technology for the companies
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