Hosted PBX Services

The hosting of call services and the PBX features are done by a single service provider at one location is technically known as Hosted PBX services. The PBX (private branch exchange) system is specially provided by one of the significant telephone companies to the business users, who needs a private exchange instrument for its company’s calls. The Hosted PBX is compatible for both the organizations where calls are routed through VoIP or PSTN. The system is located at an off-site area of the company from where the services of VoIP are used.

Why is Hosted PBX important?


1. Anytime, anywhere – this feature allows the employees to be in touch with the company from whichever place they are and in working position. It means this feature is more liked by those who are off the desk and on the field to work but can be in contact with the company easily without extra cost.

2. Extensions are monitored ¬– The PBX helps in tracing the employee’s present call status, for example, is the employee busy on another call or the person available at the working desk or not? This information is easily tracked by the hosted PBX and transfers the same response to the caller.

3. Auto answerable– It is always not possible for the receptionist to answer each and every call at the same time; therefore the PBX enables a unique feature of attending the calls automatically and diverting them to the concerned person. In this way, your every call will be attended whether the facility is closed or you are not available at the same time.

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